Broken Hill to Melbourne

Ultra Marathon 1100km in 21 days

When I got involved in the Run Against Violence Team Challenge it only took the first year for me to realise I wanted to do more.

I kept thinking why don’t I run from Broken Hill to Melbourne, trying to touch more communities and in turn hope it provokes a conversation for others to find their path, their own journey.

Coming from a past life of domestic violence I felt a pull to just jump in and make this happen so with the support of my husband Colin we started planning.

That in itself has been a challenge but the drive was too great to give up.
I have kept silent and never really talked much about my dark past, feeling guilt and judgement from others. But along this journey already the band aid feels like it has been ripped off and perhaps part of this is my healing too.

Alone our small steps can feel insignificant but united together we can all make such a difference. So come along and share in the journey.

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