Helping Kids in Nepal-Langtang Circuit FastPack

After pushing some boundaries last year with my running it was time to reflect and give back to others to extend on what I love to do and that is running. In helping others is often the greatest gift you can give yourself and it is two fold but it too takes commitment and hard work but the rewards out way anything you can imagine.

Linda and I had been researching different things and everything kept bringing us to Nepal and in particular education and health issues of children. We came across Wide Open Vistas and the great work they were already doing since 2011 so Linda decided to meet up with Seth Co-Founder of WOV when he was back in America.

We both felt we needed a foundation that was both passionate and 100% committed to  helping local communities, had a real connection and planned long term goals that could be sustained in the Nepalese communities.

How fortunate for us to come across WOV as this is exactly what they were doing keeping kids in school, building toilet blocks for girls after the earthquake, running programs, health checks and much more follow the link to the wonderful work they have complete and continue to do:

Well we jumped in the deep end Linda, Col and myself and signed up to the Langtang Circuit Fast Pack. You can read all about it here

Then the clouds came in during the last ~100m of ascent which was mostly scrambling on loose rock. Can you spot Sudeep?

At this point we get to choose a super long ladder or inch out further on our ledge and down climb using chains. We skipped the ladder for the latter.

Now I am no mountaineer or climber for that matter and Fast packing through those massive mountain passes scares me heaps but with courage and a helping hand from others I know the experience will be incredible knowing all the time that every dollar we raise goes to helping kids in Nepal...


While in Kathmandu we will visit local schools, run with the kids, check out WOV Projects, spend time with locals taking in the culture and planning how we can continually support sustainable projects for health and education of Nepalese children with Wide Open Vistas.  


So if you would like to change a life for a child then please donate knowing that every dollar goes to these wonderful projects. Thank you Colin and Sandy