Where did it all start: Running was my escape and as a young mother of 3 and in a dark place back in 1992, running gave me a focus and a way out. You see when you run, you do or don't have to think, "just run".

Well my first 500 metres was so scary, I could not believe how people could actually run 42km, crazy was a word I used. But wanting so desperately to achieve that one something I could control in my life I just kept trying and the small steps grew to my first fun run and yes then on to do a marathon....and another and before I knew it I had completed 4 marathons and a half marathon yes it was like a steam train taking momentum as it plunges down a hill.... I had no idea what I was doing but just RAN... and ran and ran.......... That's where it all started, my endless running journey that continues to grow in a way that I never anticipated. I have been so lucky to travel to so many remote and wonderful places around the world and achieve what I only ever dreamed of .... so my motto now is anything is possible you just have to want it bad enough.... live your life with no regrets as it is not a dress rehearsal for something else....



4DESERTS RACE SERIES: (250km Self supported stage races)
Sahara Desert – Egypt
Gobi Desert – China
Atacama Desert – Chile (2nd placed Female)
The last desert – Antarctica (2nd placed Female)

Sandy and her husband Colin were the first Australian husband and wife team to complete all 4 deserts and also the first husband and wife team over 50 to complete all 4 desert races in the world. Their efforts were not only going into training and completing the events but also into raising money and public awareness for the Australian Childhood Foundation.

TNF 50 BLUE MOUNTAINS 2013 -1st female veteran (over 50)
UTMB 168KM 2013(Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc )-through France, Italy & Switzerland

SAHARA RACE JORDAN 2014- 250km Self supported Stage Race – 1st Female     Time: 31.29
BADWATER SALTON SEA USA 2014 (team of three all have to complete 130km)
BIG RED RUN Simpson desert 250km 6day stage race 2014 – 1st female and 4th overall Time: 28.44
CAMINO DE SANTIAGO – (Pilgrimage hike of 800km across the top of Spain) August 2014

2015 - Events Completed

JANUARY - Hong Kong 100
FEBRUARY – Cradle Mt Ultra 82km Tasmania
APRIL - Anzac Ultra 75km (Saturday) followed by Canberra Ultra 50km (Sunday) training for the Keys 100Miler
MAY – Keys 100miler USA Florida (2nd female)
SEPTEMBER - G2G 273km Stage race in the Grand Canyon USA (Womens Champion -1st Female )
NOVEMBER - Marysville 50km Ultra (2nd Female)

2016 - Events Completed

JANUARY - Camino Portuguese 617km-Self supported (the full length of Portugal south to North and through into Spain)
FEBRUARY - Sri Lanka 250km stage race self supported  (Womens' Champion and 5th Overall)
MAY- Great Ocean Road Ultra 60km
JULY - Badwater 135ml (217km) in death Valley
SEPTEMBER - Tor Des Geants 330km non stop through the Italian Alps with 24000m of climbing

2017-Events Completed

FEB - Tarawera 108km New Zealand
MARCH - Buffalo Stampede Ultra Sky marathon 75km (4654m ascend)
APRIL - Langtang Valley Nepal (Fast pack self supported) 193km with 15,992m ascend, min elevation 1398m maximum elevation 5193m
MAY- M2M 250km self supported stage race in Hawaii
SEPTEMBER - Tor Des Geants 330km non stop through the Italian Alps with 24000m of climbing