Hong Kong 100

After being lucky enough to get an entry into the HK100 at a late stage, only a couple of months before the race, I was very excited but rather nervous about the challenge ahead.

We had many wonderful friends in Hong Kong so would also be a perfect time to catch up with them all and we also were lucky enough to stay at Simon and Veronica’s place. Simon we meet when we were doing the race in Antarctica in 2012 and it was going to be so great to see him again and meet Veronica his wife…


The HK100 was well known for all the climbs and the many many stairs… and I would have to say it lived up to my expectations of how hard it would be over the 100kms.


The morning of the race was cold but it was great to see some familiar faces …I had Col and Simon who were going to meet me at a couple of the checkpoints so I was looking forward to that too…


The start line was a sea of colour reminded me of jelly beans all bouncing around in a jar, oh yes we were all bouncing around to keep warm..


I was quite a way back from the start line and I knew there was a trail on the right we went up only a km or so away so it would be a complete bottleneck there but that was fine by me as later on the field spreads out and I was in no hurry just wanted to make it to the finish line.


The countdown and we were off …the atmosphere was awesome and I loved every minute of it. There was a lot of stop starting first up but soon we were climbing hills on dirt trails and the scenery was just incredible.


From Mountains


to beaches back to Mountains then back across beaches…


I was  pumped and feeling great but after about 5hrs things started changing…I was feeling nauseas …I started reassessing what I had eaten how much fluid I had had and also my electrolytes…the day was very warm by this stage after a cold start and I realised my hydration and electrolytes were not right… I was not far from the half way mark were Col and Simon would be so knew I would have a short break there and refuel etc.. for me that could not come soon enough and I had thought I would be there in 7 hrs easy but the last two hours I had slowed down to get over the sickness a smart move now that I look back as to keep pushing can put you out of a race and from experience I knew if I took the time now I would be still running at the end.

I got to the half way mark were the drop bags were and Col, Simon and Natalie were there waiting oh it was so good seeing them all just got a buzz from that really….


Must say at that point I still had nausea and a bad headache so sat had some noodles and half a coffee …I was ready to go I could do this so said my farewells stole a kiss off Col and up the hill I climbed. I could see Col was worried about me so I text him to say” feeling heaps better….all is great”…..

This second half of the race was cruel so much climbing but the views were soothing to the sore muscles….


I was now in such a good headspace I was just enjoying being out here and as the night came in I rugged up in another layer of thermals beanies and gloves and took in the light show that the city of Hong Kong was giving us way up in these mountains…


The fog rolled in and I passed through the second last check point in the dark of the night there was Col and Simon oh that pepped me up and off I went to next see them at the finish line…


More climbing as the fog rolled in thicker and then the final decent a big long stretch of downhill all the way to the finish line…


I was running all of this and not stopping I was passing heaps of competitors on the  way who were walking or just very slowly jogging…. I felt great and it was like someone had just injected me with adrenaline….. I didn’t care how much my legs hurt, how tied I was in fact I really didn’t care about anything I was just enjoying the magic moment of finishing off this beast of a run…….


I could see the finish arch the cheering voices carried up the hill as I pounded down and through the finish line….. Woot hoo I was done ….. and there was Col and Simon waiting ever so patiently


I was given my trophy a silver one for under 20hrs I had come in at 18hrs ….


18hrs of some of the most gruelling climbs I have ever done in a 100km run …… but right about now you could not wipe the smile of my face…. It was time now to get some sleep especially for my super support team Col and Simon…who had also stayed awake all day and half the night ….well I think they did anyway…waiting to see me at check points and the finish line…. …..


 Ha ha ha perhaps not… but serious big hugs to the guys they were incredible…

Thanks HK I now have memories to last a life time Sandy