North Face 50 as a training run

When the north face 100km and 50km opened my thoughts were to do the 100km as one of my races for that year. I had registered to do UTMB not thinking I would even get a spot in the lottery draw but perhaps registering would give me a better chance the following year to get into the race. So I registered for TNF 100 which I had done the year before and loved the race in the Blue Mountains. The scenery and organisation of this race is fabulous.


In January when the lottery was drawn I got the news I had been accepted into UTMB 168km of over 9000 metres of ascends and even more challenging descent. I was now looking at the north face 100km as a training run.... seriously have I gone mad. ..... guess we all know the answer to that one.

I was so scared but ever so excited to have gotten into UTMB but I had no idea how to train so after some research I came across mile27 and Andy who I was quick to make contact with and start my training. As I had explained to Andy over many years I have had so many injuries and was in need of some strength and conditioning too...

As the time got closer to do the TNF 100 I was carrying an injury and decided to change and do the 50 as I couldn’t risk the chance the injury might get worse and I would not be able to complete UTMB. I was shattered but as I have learnt along the way you have to manage what your body is telling you (which clearly I am not good at) and at times it’s a fine line we play with it and pushing the boundaries can pay off other times it ends in tears. ( Oh yes I have had my fair share of tears).

My mind set was very different now I had gotten into UTMB yes the 50km was now going to be my training run and I went in to it with no real taper….legs where a bit tied from all the training but I was happy it was going to be a great test for body and mind....... Up and down all those hills,breathtaking scenery, great company..... oh and don’t forget those 1000’s + of stairs that you climb up before you finally run in to the finish line.


I felt good and knew I had made the right choice but watching all the 100km runners coming in I could still feel my disappointment but it was time now to focus back on what my goal was for the year and that was making it to the finish line of UTMB… The good news was I pulled up really well and was 1st female Veteran… so funny that I am now called a veteran I feel like I am only a newbie at this game but guess my ages in years not mentality tells a different story…. Sandy