Work Life Balance

Work- life-balance…. Something we hear often but struggle to get it right add in training for Ultras and everything I had promised myself I would or would not do I find just a dream. My point is after Col and I finished the 4 deserts series in 2012 Col had decided to hang up his Ultra running shoes and go back to some of the other sports/exercise program he had enjoyed before Ultra running became his every focus and consumed so many hours of running training……..…. For me I was truly addicted and had found my passion ….Ultra running…. Loved every bit of pushing the boundaries of what I thought my body and mind would take … get out of my comfort zone was so rewarding that Col was very quick to say to me just go for it and I will support you in any way I can……….. So that I did and I decided to throw caution to the wind and register for UTMB knowing that my chances of actually getting in was pretty slim.


Col had decided that our website needed to be renamed so it went to “RunSandyRun” which is pretty much me… I started running to run away from my life as I couldn’t find a way out………but then when I got the courage and I did leave that life behind to start all over again I came back to my passion……. running……

At present I am updating this website and going back through some of my highlights over the last 2 years since we finished Antarctica and will write a brief blog on each and add a few photos.

It is nice to give back to a sport I love and encourage others to participate in events that they too are dreaming about but not sure how to go about achieving those goals. The idea of my website is to show you all I am just an ordinary person dreaming big and following my passion. If I am able to encourage anyone to fulfil their dreams then that in itself is the reward and would finish with saying if you really want to achieve something you just have to want it bad enough….

Col taking his support role very seriously:


Yes it was a dare………I can say one thing he not only lived up to the dare but got some pretty strange looks in France when I was doing UTMB.

More about UTMB later…………