The Last Desert, Antarctica Summary

What a journey it has been from sea sickness to fearing the cold to being in awe of the wildlife to running in conditions I never thought possible to being in a place of absolute beauty..... I feel very privileged in my life to have had these experiences..well perhaps not the sea sickness...

To go to such a place and not be touched in some way I don't think is possible. Antarctica is a place that is certainly like no other... it looked and felt like we were the only ones that had ever been there... it was a great feeling to know that all those that have visited before us have left it in its raw state of beauty and that we too did the same.

We were very lucky to have seen Orkas, seals of different breeds, humpback whales, albatross and many birds of which names I can no longer remember, dolphins that played along side the boat doing what I would call incredible to watch and the many many colonies of penguins.

On the other side the scenery was amazing.....icebergs have a life of there own...from white as white to the brightest of blues, massive at times and lots just bopping and floating by us... I remember at one stage just staring at the view from the boat and tears weld up in my eyes just from what I was looking at and were I made me think how blessed I was to have this experience that not many will ever have. My new camera sure got a workout in between the running event that we had come here to get through..

I look at the pictures from the race and pinch myself that both Col and I again shared in another incredible event... supporting each other in every way we could.

After two and half days across the drake passages and spending my time vomiting from sea sickness I had doubted my ability a 100 times over that I would ever make it to the start line on that first day. But with encouragement and support from my wonderful husband I did.. The cold and clothing was another very anxious moment for me to put it in one word I as "petrified"... I am scared of the cold and what it does to my body I have no resilience to if there was ever a moment to have I was having it a "face the fears moment"..

As we got on board the Zodiac boats to get to shore from our ship I just couldn't talk the fear was so great on every front and we were to be out there running for 12hrs... I don't remember much when I got to shore just got myself organised and kept to myself.

We counted down the start I remember hearing 10...9.... and nothing else but was sure glad to start running.. I just needed to settle the nerves get into the whole running on ice, snow and taking in the incredible scenery...relax I kept telling myself.

Well 84km I did on stage one coming in second place with Nahila a Mexicon lady from Chile ... such a lovely person to get to know along this journey. Well to sum it up Col and I received our medals on the final stage having conqued the last desert. I am so so proud of my wonderful husband and will treasure the memories forever.

Whats next ...ummm....lots .....will keep you posted ...Oh yes and photos I have started sorting and will post over the next week. Happy training everyone and remember you can do anything if you really want it bad enuf. Sandy