Antarctica preparation

The last month has been so full on with training/work/family  (and even they don't get to see us much) there is certainly not much time for anything else. We have had some very early morning starts trying to get in some long runs before work in the hope we will be fitter and stronger to cover the epic journey that lies ahead of us. Weekends have been taken up with long trail runs which leaves little time for a social life if we are lucky we fit the occasional movie in at the cinemas.

We have gear everywhere in the house... trying to tick off mandatory items we need and also looking at the layers of clothing we are going to have to wear to keep us warm and to combant the harsh conditions of the Antarctic weather. To say I am getting anxious would be an understatement... in some ways I feel really unprepared and I think thats because the unknowns of this challenge are greater than any of the other deserts. The fact that I get sea sick and have scared myself even more looking at You tube clips of crossings of the Drake passage and how rough it can get on the way to Antarctica is even worse.... modern technology hey..... better not knowing I have decided.

Well the challengers are huge and Col and I only hope we have done enough in our preparation... We have not only put alot of time into training but also we have researched clothing, layering, gear and food choices to keep up our energy throughout this epic journey. Our goal...... to cross the finish line and complete what we started 2 years ago....... 1000km 4 Deserts in some of the most amazing remote places on earth. The best part of the journey is that Col and I have shared this amazing experience together......and the highs & lows of such an incredible adventure.

Well the taper on training has started and Col's favourite saying "He was born to taper" go Col this is your time enjoy and what will be will be.... Happy training everyone Sandy