The Road back from Injury

It has been a while since my last post and I can now say I am back into everything in a big way. I have been injured and frustrated with Achilles Tendinitis... and after Ultra sounds, physio appointments, massages, acupuncture, dry needling and then that all over again... I still didn't like the answer I was getting..... "REST" ... after sobs ot tears and denial I decided to be defeated and yes rest the foot for a period of time. Two weeks after resting the foot and going totally insane I took up boxing and water running in the pool.... Oh yes I was desperate for the fix of exercise and even more desperate for this dame injury to go away......... I took on board at that time to get a coach to help me through this and get me back on track as I knew I couldn't trust myself to have any control in not running ... So thanks to coach Hanny who has put up with my ups and downs, I am now well and truly back to running in a big way.

One thing out of all of this I have learnt is how much running means to me invigarating a bush trail run can be...... it is like a re energising of the soul....

Well I also must mention Col in all this.... as yes ....he has had to put up with .....ME... and like the good man he is he timed it perfectly to listen, be sympathetic and supportive..... and of course the other flip side of the coin to let me know at the appropriate time to just get over it move on and stop being so depressed and miserable other words... well perhaps my words to myself... "just suck it up Princess and get over yourself"... so with that in mind I had a positive attitude and realised my body (the Achilles more specifically) was in control and I just needed to play the game out.... and that I have.

Now we are training hard and heading to Antarctica in November to complete what we started in October 2010....... a dream of all dreams...... something at the time we thought impossible but here we are the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle..... and of course not to forget in Col and Sandy style it has brought back into our life a crazy busy time of schedules, work, training, family commitments to juggle............ life balance I think it is called................ and in saying all that we love our life and we are passionate about all we are doing.... "living life with no regrets"

Check out our new You Tube under videos called "Where there is a will ....."

More on that in my next blog... happy training everyone Sandy