TNF 100 Blue Mountains – 100km solo Event

Well its official I have completed the 100km North Face Blue Mountains event wasn't the best week prior to the event but non the less I Did It... yeahhhh.

After vomitting my way through the day on Monday, trying to get some food into me on tuesday and trying desperately to get my body to get over a cold..things were not looking good. The question came to mind are you going to make the start line Sandy... the answer unknown!! ... It was Thursday and I was fighting everything both emotionally and physically Oh what a roller coaster of a week and as usually my wonderful Colin supported me in everyway... Well flight was in the morning, accomodation booked ...yeap I am going to try I will be on that start me the only failure is in not trying so against all what made sense (not to go) I went... Everything got chucked in my bag quickly went over the mandatory gear that I had it all.... Then realised wouldn't fit in the backpack so changed to one slightly bigger and of I flew to Sydney.

After having a melt down in the motel room and a bit of a cry I pulled myself together and took on the challenge getting up early the next day and yes made the start line... whatever happened after that was up to body and mind... Oh yes that stubborn Capricorn trait I have in me just wouldn't let me give in ......

It was a tough first 20 odd Kms I felt so unorganise the backpack weight was heavier than I expected with so much mandatory gear and my head space was all over the place. Everything was going wrong but I plodded along with so much self doubt and questioning. I went the wrong way lost the flags, tripped, twisted my ankle and had started in the wrong wave so had lots of slower plodders in front of me I couldn't get past...

I had decided it was all about check point to check point and then reassess at each one and take the next steps needed... Well after I past the 54km checkpoint I had decided this was doable and I WAS GOING TO FINISH..when I left that checkpoint it all came together I picked up the pace I didn't care what hurt and what didn't I just wanted to get to every check point as quickly as I could. Before I knew it I was at the last checkpoint... I grabbed a quick cup of tea and bun gulped it down and was on my way. It was freezing cold by now but I didn't care I just wanted to get to that finish line. Well just on midnight I arrived ... so so pumped I had done it.... the cheering from the crowd was awesome...Bronze belt buckle in hand I felt full of emotion .... just a little over 17hrs of highs and lows in fact more lows than highs but here I was at the finish line when I though I wouldn't even make the start..... I learnt so much about myself and the demons in my head on that day.

It was a very technically difficult course rock scrambling, down ladders, very hilly but the most magical stunning scenery. Will I do it again ....oh yes have unfinished business and a goal of my own to complete in less than15hrs.... can I do it???.....who knows but at least I will give it a go.... Live life to the fullest with No regrets ..... that is our motto.. Sandy