Training and the TNF 100

Only a week away from the North Face 100 and like always I feel under prepared. Over the last two weeks I have had a good week and a bad week...ummm. Monday and Wednesday Col does Bootcamp and I run for 11/2 hours to the city and meet him when he is finished. Then of Tuesday and Thursday we both run I do an hour fast run one day and 2 hrs the other I also fit in some Injury prevention excercises and we both do KX Pilates on friday morning... Weekends for me are trail runs with an odd Pool workout to give the legs a break or a bike ride with Col.

With the 100km coming up I followed the Rollercoater Event with a 60km trail Run the following Saturday.... All fantastic and Col met me and did the last 20+km with me... Awesome as by then it was raining and I was truely over it....

Sunday I felt pretty good but on Monday a cold and sore throat was loaming... Oh so not good. Glad I am on a bit of a taper week but this cold is certainly not the best to have coming in to a 100km challenge.

Well Col has smashed it with Bootcamps Pilates and some short sharp runs as he isn't doing the 100km event so I am going solo this time in more ways than one.

Life has its hiccups but yes its how we pull ourselves together and just move through them and on to the next... have a good week every one and keep you posted after the TNF100 wish me luck I so am feeling like I need it.. Sandy