Post Race

Well we are back in Australia and it has been a long while since I have updated our blog. For those that followed the race in Atacama and sent us emails & put comments on our blog thanks ever so much it was not only wonderful to read them but also very humbling...

All I can say is WOW another amazing event completed but not without pain, pleasure and tears along the way. And like all desert races it came with its challengers and unpredictability as they always do. We had rain and thunderstorms in the driest desert on earth unheard of so the locals told us that there... “hasn’t been rain in the last 100 years”... and here we were about to start the race not ever thinking before we left home we would need to worry about getting wet and getting hit by lightening....ummmm. Well it’s all part of the journey and the unknown of the event is also wants draws you to the event in some warped way.

I am very happy to say that Col and I were not one of the 30 people that never made it through and we very proudly display our medals which are a symbol to us of what you can achieve if you set your mind to something ....oh yes and not forgetting to dream big...ummm.

I know Col at this point would jump in the conversation and tell you very proudly how his wife came second female overall and on two of the stages was equal first female.... Oh yes it has been a massive achievement for me and don’t ride of this grandma yet... It has done lots for my confidence and so many of the goals I wanted to achieve now seem possible with the wonderful support of my husband. We are a great team and support for each other and understand the goals we both wish to achieve.

Photos of the event will be unloaded in the next week or so. There is lots of pictures so I am just sorting through them amazing to see the landscape was truly stunning.

Well time to make a new training schedule and with winter loaming just might need to get the thermals out and rain jacket... Oh I so don’t like the cold weather.... Antarctica in November will so have to toughen up and get use to it......... Sandy