The last of the preparation before Atacama

Well the weeks are going past very quickly and we have been so focused on training and getting organised for Atacama there is never enough hours in the day. We have been running every Saturday and Sunday with our full backpacks mine 6kilos (7.5 with water) and Col’s 8kilos (9.5with water). Oh my poor shoulders and back now remember what it is like to have that weight strapped to your body. I have rub marks all over me particularly on my waist and will need to plaster over the area before we start the race in Chile. Our shoes, that are 1 ½ sizes bigger than our normal shoes have had the gaiters glued on and now we are training in those....... so far so good not many blisters and black toe nails.

We are doing heaps of km every week and will start tapering after this weekend. Ohhh I think we are both looking forward to that as we are getting tired juggling everything we need to in our life and fitting all the training in as well. The body is ready for a break to freshen up before the event.

Our gear is everywhere over the floor in the spare room and we have purchased the last of the food. Now the big job to get it all in the pack lots of crushing and squashing for that to happen.

Getting rather anxious to be there and just start the event hopefully injury free and healthy. The race has so many unknowns and that is part of the event you can plan every last detail but there is sure to be something that comes left of field that you didn’t even think about.... but at this point all I can say is BRING IT ON!!!!!!