A fantastic journey

It’s hard to believe a month has gone since our last post but we are back home after the most amazing trip and yes we conquered the highest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro, 5895metres. Words cannot explain the feeling of being on the roof top of Africa…...in fact I felt I was on the rooftop of the world looking down on what I can only explain as stunning and truly spectacular. There was one down side…. you have to endure the freezing cold (-17deg c for us) and the breathlessness through so little oxygen in the air but in saying that, there is the challenge, the unknown before you start of how your body is going to react. Altitude sickness strikes anyone at anytime and we could certainly see the signs of many suffering even within our group of 12. We had one unable to make it past base camp to the top and others taking medication to help with the sickness.  Once it strikes on you every step becomes a challenge in itself and for many the sickness takes them down and they need to track back to a lower altitude.  I felt very emotional when together with our friends Carolyn and Rohan we all reached the summit a memory I will treasure forever.

Both Col and I feel very privileged to have been able to not only reach the top with little effects of altitude sickness but also to discover so many wonderful memories of Africa.  My dream has always been to go on a Safari and that we did I was gob smacked so many variations of animals what a great Kingdom it is all living in harmony…well that is until one of them is hungry… we drove through the Ngorongora Crater and the Serengeti seeing not only the BIG 5 but much, much more I still look at the photos in amazement that we were there and we took those photos.

We were also lucky enough to complete the climb to the top of Mt Meru 4566metre not for the faint hearted either very scary rock scrambling but a must if you are in to hiking and if not the views are worth every bit of the climb. We reached there for sunrise and again absolutely spectacular scenery. I sat on a rock and just immersed myself in the surroundings and other than the cold and the long journey back I could have stayed there a lot longer.

The final days we spend on the beach at Zanzibar to take in the last bit of Tanzania before our long journey home. Oh yes and not forgetting our training we squeezed in beach runs in the soft sand first thing in the morning which seemed to be quite customary with many of the locals.