Back to back long runs

Well another week of training, work and family commitments ....there really is little time for anything else. In the weekend we did a 4hr trail run on Saturday with our backpacks and then backed it up with a 2 1/2 hr trail run on the Sunday with our backpack. Lots of steep hills and will say I am getting a lot better at the hills seem to have more strength in the legs. I have rub marks from the backpack around my waist and over my shoulders and that was only with having 5kg in the pack...ohh a bit of a way to go yet. Col and I got a real buzz out of completing the back to back runs made us feel like we are not so far off our game after all. As much as some days you can't be bothered there is great satisfaction when you achieve each mile stone. Well a busy, crazy week ahead with work and early morning starts to get in the training but the weather is better and it is nearly Christmas and I sure am going to enjoy the holiday break...geez might even sleep in I am so over the 4.30am starts... Merry Christmas all stay happy and healthy..