Sunday and Happy

Well out for a trail run today and Sandy's leg is great. So guess what? No more  punches for Colin and a happy Sandy is a good Sandy. Mt Dandenong 16.5k with back pack great to be outdoors again.

Ha ha Colin... Oh yes I very happy are right about that..... felt great just powered up those steep hills such a nice feeling. I was born to run and not happy when I can't. I have had a hamstring injury and been very upset but now when I reflect back, there is so much to learn about yourself when you are injured. Oh yes the mental games I played with myself..... that overwhelming feeling of failure after all the time and effort I had put into getting so fit. But one of the many lessons I learnt was how important rest is oh yes sounds simply but I missed all the warning signs of what my body was trying to tell me. Mentally it has made me a lot stronger as I had to adapt very quickly before I lost the plot altogether. When I think of how much training we had been doing I am actually surprised I didn't get injured before this. Well with some great massages and rest all is coming good and now I am getting back to the serious business of training again.

Well a full on week ahead and I will keep you posted.....